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Experience the difference of knowing you can protect yourself. Even if you never have to use that pepper spray or stun gun you are carrying, you will feel more secure and confident knowing that it's there. We hope you find what you want. This site has great prices https://www.safetytechnology.org/tasers/m26c/.

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Stun Guns
Talon 80,000-250,000 volts
Stun Master 100,000-300,000v
Stun Master 625,000 volts
Stun Batons 300,000-500,000v
Z-Force 100,000-300,000 volts
Stun/Alarm Flashlights
Cell Phone Stun Gun
Child Safety
Mace child 95db mini alarm
Child Guard Monitor
Baby Home Safety Kit
Personal Alarms
Mace alarm & flashlight
2 n 1 personal & burglar alarm
130db alarm w/ door alarm
125db alarm and flashlight
Door Stop Alarm

Home Protection
Motion Alarm with keypad
Magnetic door/ window alarm
Window glass breakage alarm
Big Jammer door brace
Electronic barking dog
Mini Alert PIR Alarm
Sliding Glass Door Alarm
Vibration Door Alarm
Folding Knives
Pen knives
Butterfly knives

Pepper Spray
Pepper Shot Spray
Wildfire 15% Spray
Pepper Pen

Safety Lights
Gamma Rays
7-Function LED Lights
Highway Safety Light

The Heart Attack
Nap Zapper for Drivers
Throwing stars
Telescopic steel batons
High Velocity Sling Shot
Speed Release Gun Lock
Paintball Gun

Spy & Surveillance
Digital Surveillance Camera
Telephone voice changer
Desk Lamp Hidden Camera

Mace Defensive Sprays
Mace Pepper Spray
Mace Pepper Foam
Michigan Approved Sprays
Mace Triple Action Sprays
Mace Hot Walkers
Hand Held Scanners
Garrett Super Scanner

Diversion Safes
Beer and Soda safes
Flower Pot Safe
Wall socket safe
Book safe
Can safes
Stone safes
Peanut Butter safe
Salad Dressing safe
Salt Shaker Safe
Animal Repellers
Electronic Dog repeller
Mace Canine Repellent
Bear Spray

Air Taser
M-18 Advanced Taser

There are a lot of books on self defense out there. Most teach techniques. This is well and good, but not everyone is going to take the time to learn the techniques or develop the necessary skills.

The difference about Waking the Tiger Within is that it teaches the attitude and mental toughness necessary to defend yourself in a threatening situation. With a little change in attitude, more people will be able to successfully defend themselves.

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